Boxes & Packing Supplies

Once again, Welcome Home Moving Solutions is helping you lower the cost of your next move!  Don’t get caught overpaying for these essential moving supplies.

Give us a call to discuss your needs, and we’ll deliver your supplies.

Small(1.5 cu ft.)            —  Heavy items such as books, records, tools and files.

Medium(3.0 cu ft.)       — Ideal for shoes, purses, pots and pans, food or toys.

Large(4.5 cu ft.)           — Lamp Shades, bulky blankets, towels.

Dish Pack(4.5 cu ft.)     — Heavy Duty box for China and glassware.

Wardrobe Box              — Hang clothes directly from closet, swag lamps, etc.

Bubble Wrap               — Great for anything fragile.

Packing Paper             — Wrap everyday items to keep from damage.

Tape                              — Seals and protects boxes.

Cell Kit                          — Use with Dish Pack for maximum protection.

Mattress Bags              — One size fits all.  Keep your mattresses clean and free of dust

* prices subject to an extra 8.25% sales tax

FREE DELIVERY on orders exceeding $200

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