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Name a phrase that’s pretty scary and unsettling for customers. ANSWER = “Moving Estimate”

Ahhh yes…  The Estimate.  This word can sometimes create some pretty unsettling feelings for all of us.  We wonder why Company X’s estimate and actual cost are sometimes soooo far apart.  Well,  the good ol’ state of Texas is generally considered to be an “unregulated” state by the moving industry, or I guess we should say […]

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Mama Always Said…. “Life is like a box of safely packed and moved chocolates.”

I don’t know how they’re able to withstand the Texas heat, but any time you open up a fresh box of chocolates, there they are…  staring back at you in perfectly molded, decorative pieces.  Each piece is snuggled into its individual compartment and waiting for you to hand pick your top choice.  It’s amazing how […]

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What do I want and expect from a service company?

Everyday, in every transaction from the morning stop for gas and coffee to the movie ticket counter to the see the big blockbuster, we are constantly served by others. I don’t know about you, but after each transaction, I have this voice that says either “that was easy” or “my gosh.. never going back to […]

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