Moving With Children

If you’re planning on relocating to a new household, that’s fantastic; there are plenty of new opportunities you could get with such a large change in your life. And let’s be honest – we’re all prone to reacting well to a change of scenery. But if you’re relocating with your kids and spouse, if we’re being realistic; that’s a somewhat more complicated proposition. And that’s true even if you’ve got all the time in the world to prepare yourself and the little ones for the move. Indeed, moving with children can be complicated, considering their special needs and sensitivity. Don’t worry, though; we’re here with a couple of tips to help you out!

Start Getting Ready In Time

Unfortunately enough, many people underestimate the real issues that arise because of moving stress and anxiety; which is definitely a real-world issue, and not something that people of a frail disposition make up. Certainly, you might be quick to dismiss this until you’ve actually got to begin moving with children yourself. Indeed, most people realize just how big of a change they’re making only when they call up their moving company. But if you want this transition to be as simple as possible, you need to realize its importance early on. Know that the relocation will mean the biggest possible upset to your usual routines, and possibly your lifestyle. That’s because you’ll be changing some of the most important aspects of your private life. With that in mind; you want to prepare the children on time.

Don’t Overestimate Your Kids

Okay, let’s be honest – more parents are prone to doing this. But when you’re moving with children, it’s crucial that you don’t overestimate their emotional intelligence. Sure, your kids may be little prodigies; whip-smart and ready to tackle any problem. On the other hand, you need to realize that, no matter how intelligent they are – at the end of the day, they’re still just children. Meaning that they’ve got a long way to go in terms of emotional development.

And in times like these, as you get ready for your relocation, the children will need your emotional support and guidance. And if you’re going to relocate across a larger distance, away from everything that’s familiar to them; this goes double. So, the amount of attention your children will need in this period depends on a lot of factors. On the one hand, if you’re just moving to a new neighborhood, this doesn’t have to be too difficult of a transition even if they switch schools; they can still visit their old friends, after all. But if you’re going to relocate to an entirely new city – be prepared to spend as much time on their emotional transition as they need you to.

Small Kids Require More Attention

Among other things, the amount of attention you’ll need to dedicate to them also depends on their age. If you’ve got kids that are at a pre-adolescent age, let’s be realistic; you’ll have to provide them with a lot more guidance if you want to do moving with children properly; meaning that everybody in your family is happy about it in the end. But, unfortunately enough; moving is generally a very complicated task. You’ll find yourself overwhelmed with all kinds of different chores that no-one else can do, in many situations. And that may leave you with not enough time to dedicate to the children. However, even if the little ones aren’t expressing any visible anxiety; know that they’re more than troubled if you don’t walk them through this process.

At this point in the kids’ lives, there’s one sure thing – they haven’t got a lot of emotional control; certainly not as much as adults can muster. And that means that they can’t control how their much their emotions affect their stress levels; not without adult supervision. So, all of the emotional events in their lives affect them to a far greater degree. Think about it, through banal examples. Remember all of the embarrassing moments from your childhood that you’d brush off if they happened to you as an adult; but you still remember them even though they happened when you were little.

Proper Communication

In such a situation, you must be wondering what you can do to make sure your moving with children goes over well enough. Well, all it takes is some forethought. Think about it; when you’re relocating, you usually know that you’re going to do it far in advance. That means that you’ve got ample time to prepare both yourself and your children for the ordeal. However, as parents, most of us have the instinct to try and keep our kids away from any stress or danger.

However, in this situation, that would be a big mistake. Sure, having to tell your children that you’ll be leaving everything they’ve grown accustomed to behind is definitely not easy. But on the other hand, you need to realize that they need to know about it as soon as possible. At the end of the day, it’s simple; if the children learn about the relocation early on, they’ll be able to process it better and handle the stress with much more ease. If you give them the time they need to adjust themselves to the proposition of living somewhere else, they’ll actually view it as something good by the time moving day rolls around.


As you can see, moving with children is not the simplest thing in the world. However, if you start making the preparations in time; your kids will be more than happy to relocate to a new household!