How does a moving expert move? Just like everyone else, surrounded by to-do lists, stacks of boxes, and that sweet sense of nostalgia as humdrum routines get performed for the last few times.

Things to do before you move

  Plan your move as far in advance as possible, regardless if you are moving next week or next month. Make a list of the things to do including moving your utilities, internet, and phone. Pets are important and you must make a plan for them.


Get ready for moving

moving day

Consider hiring  a professional mover to reduce your stress. If there are only have a few items and they will fit in a 12′ truck, you can probably move your self.  Remember you can hire a professional mover to load or unload your truck if rented. I would suggest to hire a professional mover if you have a lot of belongings and there are stairs involved . Hiring a professional mover will increase the speed of your move , and will lessen the chance of damage. You should have plenty of energy to get your new home looking great, otherwise you will be tired and the home will be in a mess for days because you are too tired.


If you have chosen a Professional Mover, you should make sure you stay in contact with them to coordinate you move. Take care of your pets, if you have any, by boarding them for the day, or have a place in your home that is not interfering with the movers.


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