Let us help you move

If you are planning on moving you need to get ready for movers by have a moving game plan together, even if the mover is packing and unpacking your home. The worst thing that can happen is you get into your new home, you unpack the boxes wonder why you moved the items. Take a walk thru your home and if you are not using the items don’t move them. The best thing you can do is clear your home of any unwanted items. Plan on a yard sale if possible. Make sure when the sale ends you have a plan to dispose the remaining items. This will save the movers time and will save you money. Moving is not cheap and the less the movers have to pack and move the more money you will save.

Prepare for Moving

Make sure when you are moving that you take care of all your utilities. Make sure that the power in not turned off until the moving from your old home is complete. You will need power to clean your home and the movers will need light to preform their task properly. Make sure you have power in your new home as well because the movers will need lights and you will need power for your appliances. Don’t forget your pets when you are moving.

Take Care of Your Pets

Your pets will know something is happening. You have been cleaning, packing, and having yard sales. Your pets will pickup on this and will wonder why. A good suggestion is to take your pets to your new home for a little walk thru. This will help when your pets finally get to their new home.  On moving day try and keep your animals. either in a separate room, board them, take them to the new location,  or keep them in a fenced in yard. They know you are moving so try and keep their stress level at a minimum

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