Raining and Moving

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Raining and Moving

Many times a customer asks if we are encountering rain will our move be started, completed or postponed. That is a question that is very difficult to answer unless your are at the move and looking at the weather. On moving if there is just a light mist or drizzle the crews should be able to complete the job. They should use blankets, stretch wrap and any items that will protect the furniture and all other items.

If the rain gets harder the crew may stop for a short period of time to allow the hard rain to pass. Most moving companies will stop the clock, if they are charging by the hour, and will restart the clock when they start the moving process again.

Protecting Inside

Remember that the floors and the inside of your home will also need protection from the rain. Most moving companies will have plastic runners for the floors and will use some moving blanket to prevent any water from being tracked into the house.

Safety Factors

When raining you must also consider safety factors for the moving crew and the customer. The ramp on the truck plus any steps on the outside of the home or apartment will be slick when raining and the crew and customer must be very careful not to slip. The moving crew may need to use their plastic runners on steps, sidewalks, ramps or any other surface that may be slippery.

One last item is when the weather is bad, the move will probably take a little longer than normal. This is due to the crews preparation will take a little longer to protect the home owners possessions. Also being a little more careful when walking will also slow the crew down.

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