I have on my necktie and I am ready for Christmas

I have on my necktie and I am ready for Christmas


The holiday season is here. School is almost out, Christmas shopping is at its peak and everyone is gearing up for the holiday season. Traffic is getting heavy and the malls are full of people trying to find that perfect gift for your loved ones, coworker or maybe just a friend.


During this time of year many people will take vacations and or visit relatives in another city or state. This will cause a lot of added traffic and also a lot of people lost trying to find their way. While we were doing a move in Dallas we saw a car go from one side of the 4 lane Interstate to the other and get off on the exit. If the drivers were not being careful and paying attention to the big picture there surely would have been a wreck. Just pay attention to your surroundings and make sure your always have an out. Yield to the other drivers especially the ones with out of state license plates because you should have a good suspension that they are lost or at least don’t know where they are going. Also try and be aware of the large trucks. The truck drivers have an especially hard time during the holidays. They also  have to navigate additional traffic and be aware of people who are lost. Their vehicles cannot stop on a dime and is much harder to navigate and turn in traffic. Make sure you give them a lot of room to maneuver because they also have a difficult task.


Have a safe and wonderful holiday season and don’t let the traffic get under your skin and make you made. Just relax, listen to the radio, sing along in the car or truck, and enjoy this great holiday season. This is a time for Joy and Happiness so don’t let a little traffic jam or a lost driver ruin you holiday spirit.  Make sure to give the large moving trucks and commercial trucks plenty of room so they can also enjoy the holiday spirit. If you would like more information or have any thoughts please visit my site for additional information.




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