What do I want and expect from a service company?

Movers Dallas, Dallas Moving Company, Service ExpecationsEveryday, in every transaction from the morning stop for gas and coffee to the movie ticket counter to the see the big blockbuster, we are constantly served by others. I don’t know about you, but after each transaction, I have this voice that says either “that was easy” or “my gosh.. never going back to THAT guy again!”. We all have an underlying expecation and an involutary grading scale we put on our experiences. Service companies live and die by these little voices in their customers’ heads. YOU, as the customer need to know up front what is going to satisfy that little voice inside of you. The key to a solid transaction is breaking down the wall between what you want and what the business can offer. So, today’s advice is be open. Communicate. I think the best service companies are the ones that customize their business around you… I love when we go out to eat, I can order a burger with grilled onions and no mayo, and my friend and get his lathered in mayo and no onions. We both have extremely different tastes, but that burger joint can cater to both of us! It’s a great thing! That works that same with moving. We had a customer recently that wanted us to wash her dirty dishes and pack them for her cross country move. Rather than say “Ma’am, we don’t do that sort of thing”, our crew hand washed and dried every dish in/around the sink. She was extremely appreciative and let us know that her little voice was all smiles at the end of the move. Know what you want and need. Make sure the service company you choose will not only strive to meet those expectations, but aim for the moon and exceed them too!